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Who the heck cares?

Ok really, I embark upon this whole blogging adventure not really expecting a fraking person to care. Will anyone read this blog? Probably not. Is it a big deal? No, because mainly I write for myself. Let me show you (dear imaginery reader) why.

       It was in the summer time, when the hot sun made the fecund smells of the earth rise, and the crickets composed new melodious harmonies, that I first met the faerie Queen. It had been a generous summer in many ways, and for a traveling musician such as myself, both gold and women were ripe for the plucking. ‘Twas my time of harvest, or so I innocently thought.

Who in the heck wrote this? Couldn’t have been me, my brain feels as mushy as a week old sweet potato. It’s been a year since I graduated with a BA in English. A year since anything of any magnitude has spouted forth from my pen. A year since I have worried about things other than bills and hourly wages. What the heck happened? The pages are all scattered on the html winds and pen drive tornadoes; I have no clue where  most of my writing went. Do I want to give it up for good? I guess not, that’s why I’m here.

Who is Cennyknitnick? Cenny is what my name, Ceinwyn (Ken-when), gets shortened to by in-laws and college roomates. I knit, therefore the middle is obvious. And my married name is Rudnick, though I’m one of those terrible unconventional wives who hasn’t changed her last name yet. (Don’t worry, I’m not a bra burner. That would just be wasteful, and saggy). I just can’t find the court house…honest! In the interest of stimulating those visual learners let me give you a pictoral glimpse into the essence of my life.Hunter in Scarf

Meet my best model, Hunter. Of course most models don’t need chewy toys, but give him a break. Look at how he works those eyes, Tyra would be so proud. He’s wearing the “Here and There Cable Scarf” from Scarf Style, in poison colorway. Heidi, eat your heart out.



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