The Hard Things In Life

These are “Joe’s Office Socks” by Anna Peck. I’ve been working on them since Christmas, but after my dad died in January I had little motivation to finish them. To be honest I really don’t know why I was making these socks for him. He didn’t like wool, and red was definitely not his favorite color. Maybe I was trying to scare the cancer out of him with scary wooly socks. I’ll torture you if you don’t get better dad! Poor guy, at least he didn’t have to wear them after all. I ended up finishing them anyway, because life goes on after all, and I like to finish things. I didn’t want them to sit around though, so I gave them to our good friend and neighbor Dave. Here’s to you Dave, saving homeless socks from a melancholy lifetime on a shelf as a bad reminder of who they were supposed to go to.

Father’s Day is coming up. I don’t care if you hate him, call the old man up to at least say “Hi”. One day you’ll find yourself saying, “I miss dad because…”


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    Funny story – I decided to do my annual myspace check and I was looking through my friends to try to find this guy I used to work with. I’m easily distracted, though (and probably ADHD) and started clicking on various people’s profiles to see what they were up to. So that’s how I found your blog.

    I dunno, I guess it wasn’t such a funny story. Anyway, I like the socks. I can’t knit a ball of yarn. And I’m sorry about your dad :(. Remember when he took us to Wild Waves and then we watched Evita at his apartment?

    – Denise from high school and stuff

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