Polly (Paulie) Opossum

In the interest of maintaining some sort of connection to the world outside of the work/home time loop I call my mother every few days. She always has something funny to say, some interesting event, or even just some sage advice. I called her yesterday, ready for anything, and of course she didn’t let me down.

Me: “How are you mom?”

Mom: “Great! We were getting the pond cleaned when we discovered we had a baby opossum living in the brush near the filter. Mark put out some cat food and trapped it. We named it Polly.”

Me: “Polly?”

Mom: “Yeah, because it can be a boy or girl. You know, Paulie/Polly?”

Me: “Of course…”

Mom: “So then I took it to the bank…” (My mother used to work at the bank).

Me: “Ewww, why?”

Mom: “Well, I wanted to show the girls. Roxy really hates animals so I marched up and plopped it on her desk.”

Me: “Did she scream?”

Mom: “Of course she did. Terry thought it was cute though. Little button eyes and soft fur. It didn’t snarl or anything.”

Me: “I think you are looking for another pet. That thing is going to give you rabies.”

Mom: “No, I made Mark drop it off by the river. But there are more, I think a whole family. I’m just going to tell Mark they keep coming back because he’s feeding them the cat food. It’s his fault. What do you think?”

Honestly, I think she won’t give up until she gives the poor man (my stepdad) a stroke.

I don’t need a opossum, I’ve got this.


Here’s to all creatures, great and small.


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